The CN-VOLET: A Revolutionary Pixel Architecture


Drive transistor, storage capacitor and OLED layers integrated into a single, vertically stacked, full- aperture, organic, light emitting transistor (VOLET):

  • Carbon nanotube source electrode is 98% transparent
  • No side-by-side drive TFT and storage capacitor taking up pixel emitting area
  • Reduced channel length enabling the use of readily tailored organic channel materials to tackle stability and homogeneity in large area displays
  • Bottom emission ideal for large displays

The CN-VOLET permits an ultra-simple pixel circuit that accommodates an emissive aperture ratio of 70%. The switching transistor is the same as that used in LCD displays enabling the use of existing a-Si LCD backplane manufacturing infrastructure, mitigating capital investment risk and minimizing retooling costs.
These features add up to a transformational design that will enable the cost effective production of next generation OLET displays to pick up where OLED left off and finally enter the mainstream.