Company Overview

nVerpix is a backplane technology company working to solve the challenges faced by the OLED industry. Organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays require an active-matrix, transistor backplane to address and power each pixel. The inorganic drive transistor is the source of the stability, non-uniformity, and scalability issues plaguing large OLED displays. Our patented light-emitting transistor technology is stable, uniform, and reduces manufacturing complexity, providing display makers with a scalable solution to the backplane problem, and a route towards low-cost, large-area OLED displays.

Our business is the licensing and technology transfer of our CN-VOLET technology to OLED panel makers.


Since it's founding nVerpix has consistently developed and met milestones that demonstrate the technology feasability as well as the success-driven approach of our team.

  • External Validation
    • Published first RGB CN-VOLET in the prestigious journal, Science, in 2012
    • VFET and VOLETs results have been published in 11 peer reviewed journal articles (Nano Letters, ACS Nano, Advanced Materials, Applied Physics Letters, SID Digest, etc.)
    • Rave technology review by RTI industry consultants
    • Winner of "Best Prototype" at SID Display Week 2016
  • Unassailable intellectual property portfolio (5 granted accepted, 6 pending)
  • 5 generations of OLET prototypes
    • Single monocolor pixels
    • 12-pixel RGB array
    • 15-pixel uniformity/stability
    • 76,000 pixel, 2.5" active-matrix display
    • Single monocolor flexible pixel>

nVerpix is looking for partners to take the next steps towards larger display sizes and ramp up production.


nVerpix is a portfolio company of Nanoholdings, LLC.