Justin Hall-Tipping Chairman & Interim CEO
Justin is the CEO of NanoHoldings, the majority investor in nVerPix. He is a seasoned venture capitalist and entrepreneur, having served as managing director and partner for SG Capital Partners, where he was responsible for all venture investments, and as a partner of NEPA Venture Fund, which specialized in start-up and early-stage companies. Justin received his BSc, with honors, in International Finance and Banking from City University, London and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Dr. Mitchell McCarthy, Chief Scientific Officer, Co-founder
Dr. McCarthy is a co-inventor of the CN-VFET and CN-VOLET and received his PhD from the Materials Science and Engineering Department at the University of Florida in 2010. Dr. McCarthy is skilled in organic electronic device (organic TFT and OLED) fabrication and characterization and CNT applications to novel organic and inorganic electronics. He co-developed the CN-VFET and CN-VOLET in the laboratory of Professor Andrew Rinzler as a graduate student and as a Postdoctoral Associate. He is a world expert in CN-VFET and CN-VOLET technology. Dr. McCarthy has project leadership and hands-on experience in all aspects of applied research and development: from equipment design and fabrication from scratch, active matrix array prototype design and fabrication from scratch, design‑of‑experiment practices and materials characterization. Prior to beginning graduate school Mitchell participated in three summer internships at Intel’s development facility in Santa Clara, CA where he worked closely with process engineers in all fab modules designing and implementing a tool health monitor process for all critical back-end 248nm lithography scanners. Mitchell received his B.S. in Physics in 2006 and M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering in 2007, both from the University of Florida. During his time at the University of Florida he has been co-author on 7 publications, 3 patent applications, and has given 5 conference presentations.

Dr. Bo Liu, Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder
Dr. Liu is a co-inventor of the CN-VFET and CN-VOLET. He received his PhD from the Physics Department at the University of Florida in 2010. During his PhD studies in Prof. Andrew Rinzler’s lab, Bo led the effort in demonstrating the world’s first CN-VFET and CN-VOLET. After receiving his PhD degree Bo co-founded nVerPix with the goal of developing and commercializing the CN-VFET and CN-VOLET for AMOLED displays. Bo has extensive experience in the fabrication and optimization of organic electronic devices. He received his B.S. in Physics in 2005 from Fudan University, Shanghai, China. During his time at the University of Florida he has been co-author on 7 publications and 4 patent applications.

Dr. Maxime Lemaitre VP of Research, Co-founder
Dr. Lemaitre is an experienced entrepreneur and expert in nanocarbon/semiconductor heterojunction physics. His work on the first porous-graphene based schottky junction, field-effect transistor helped to unravel the novel operating mechanisms behind the nVerpix CN-VFET. Dr. Lemaitre received a bachelors degree in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he co-published research on soft-lithography patterning and carbon nanotube growth. He completed a Ph.D. from the University of Florida in 2013. During his graduate studies he co-founded Delta R Detection, a national-award winning start-up aimed at commercializing an explosive detection technology that he co-developed at UF. His reaserch spans solid-state device physics, flexible electronics, carbon nanomaterials, and organic optoelectronics. He has coauthored 11 peer-reviewed publications and 2 patents on these topics.

Dr. David Cheney R&D, Systems
Dr. Cheney received his PhD from the Electrical and Computing Engineering Department at the University of Florida in 2012. He researched the reliability of GaN HEMTs during his PhD studies creating a first of a kind tool in optical pumping used to determine trap energies that relate to device reliability. Prior to receiving his doctorate, he was involved in brain-machine interface research, CPU design with semi-custom gate-arrays, and technical sales in the electric utility industry. As a consultant he has created numerous database applications and has extensive experience in system integration. In his spare time he enjoys adjunct teaching at UF in art and engineering, computer architecture, and design courses. He received his B.S.E.E. and Master of Engineering from University of Florida and has been a co-author on over 25 publications and conference presentations.

Dr. Svetlana Vasilyeva Chief Research Chemist Dr. Vasilyeva received her PhD from the Inorganic Chemistry Department at Herzen State Pedagogical University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. After graduation she continued her career as an Assistant Professor at her alma mater from 2000 to 2007. She worked as visiting professor at the University of Northern Iowa and as a research scientist at the University of Burgundy, France and at the University of Florida. Dr. Vasilyeva’s research expertise spans inorganic synthesis, electrochemistry of conducting polymers, nanocomposites and catalysts for such energy applications as supercapacitors, batteries, fuel cells, ozone treatment devices, flexible electrochromic ‘smart’ windows, displays and optical shutters/filters. She has co-authored 25 peer-reviewed publications, over 25 conference presentations and 7 patent applications. Presently, Dr. Vasilyeva is the CTO and co-founder of nHydrogen, LLC, a start-up company developing novel electrocatalysts for PEM electrolyzers and fuel cells. At nVerpix Dr. Vasilyeva leads research and development of carbon nanotube dispersants and inks formulations for spray processing/printing transparent and electrically conductive carbon nanotube films.