nVerpix has pioneered a revolutionary OLET (organic light emitting transistor) technology to solve the OLED backplane problem and enable the cost-effective production of large area displays.

nVerpix presents the world’s first full-aperture OLET display. OLET is a new paradigm for emissive displays that circumvents the OLED backplane problem that has prevented widespread adoption of OLED displays. At the heart of this breakthrough is our proprietary CN-VOLET: a revolutionary pixel architecture that combines the drive transistor, storage capacitor and light emitting layers into a sequentially deposited, vertical, transparent stack. This enables a high aperture ratio, bottom emission display that simplifies the manufacturing process and increases lifetime.

Advantages of OLET over existing OLED pixel technology:

  • Enables cost competitive displays
  • Compatible with existing LCD backplane manufacturing infrastructure
  • Increased emitter lifetimes and reduced screen door effects
  • Ideally suited for flexible and transparent displays
  • Compatible with solution processed manufacturing

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